Yoast SEO & On Page Optimization, with schema markup

Yoast SEO & On Page Optimization
Yoast SEO & On Page Optimization

Install&configure theYoast plugin witha proper setting.

Yoast Plugin is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress which helps in optimizing the content. This plugin helps you to check your content for errors, determine how your content is structured, and improve your on-page SEO.

Yoast Plugin provides a useful dashboard where you can see if your content passes the guidelines of the Yoast website. You can also use this plugin to edit posts or pages and analyze what changes may be needed.

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There are many useful features of this plugin that makes it better than other plugins available in the market. The best thing about this plugin is that it has a ranking system which shows how well you are doing on the search engines and where you need improvement..

SuitableMeta title, Meta descriptionwith organicKeyword Research

Meta titles and tags are the title and description that search engines show on a webpage listing. It is the information that shows up in the search listings.

Meta titles and tags need to be compelling so that they get people’s attention. For example, if a person is looking for a new book to read, they might look for new releases on Amazon.

The meta data for the book tells them what genre it belongs to as well as what it’s about, which could help them decide if it’s something they’d be interested in reading or not.

Organic keyword research is important because of its ability to provide insight into how people are searching for products or services online. Knowing what words people are using can help you craft better content that will rank higher in search

Schema Markup

Schema markup is code that can be added to a website’s HTML in order to tell search engines what the site is about.

Schema markup can be used to identify specific types of information, such as reviews, events, products.

The use of schema markup provides opportunities for greater optimization of search engine results pages (SERPS) for the benefit of webmasters and users alike.

It also makes it easier for search engines to categorize the information on a given page and thus improve relevancy.

The main benefits of using schema are that it improves both the user experience and Google’s ability to display relevant content prominently on SERPS.

Generate XML Sitemaps&Robots.txt

Robots.txt files are a text file placed on a server to control web crawlers. These files tell the crawler what to crawl, what not to crawl, and where to look for pages or directories.

Sitemaps provide an index of all the pages on a website and are written in XML format for search engine crawlers.

Robots.txt files are often used by companies with many subdomains or sites that they want to exclude from search engine crawlers for better performance. This is because search engines follow these rules before accessing any content on the site – if the crawler finds robots.txt telling it not to access any content on that particular domain then it will not access any content from that domain in future either,

which improves site performance tremendously

A sitemap is an

Webmaster Tools (Bing, Yahoo)&Google analytics

  • These webmaster tools are a valuable asset for any business interested in getting the most out of their website.
  • These analytic platforms allow users to track traffic, monitor rankings, and evaluate web content.
  • Google provides an analytics platform that is used by millions of people around the world.
  • It allows users to measure how visitors interact with their website.
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This information can be used to plan future marketing campaigns and strategize what needs to be done with a given subsection of the site.




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