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Assalamu Alaikum Everyone How are you I hope the magazine is much better Today I will discuss with you how to download WordPress Automatic Plugin for free

What is WordPress Automatic plugin?

With the WordPress Automatic Plugin, you can automatically bring articles written by others to your website by fitting the RS of your WordPress site.

Advantages of WordPress Automatic Plugin

With WordPress Automatic Plugin you can bring any website post to your own website. You don’t have to spend time automatically. Those who are weak to write articles can bring articles to their own website in many ways. This will save you a lot of time.

The WordPress automatic plugin is approved by AdSense

Many of you may be wondering whether the automatic plugin is approved by AdSense,

With WordPress Automatic Plugin you will get approval in AdSense, you need to apply a little technique, you will do a little editing when the article written by others automatically comes to your website.

Then in a very short time you will get approval in AdSense. You will post a minimum of thirty articles on your website, you will have a maximum of 700 to 2000 words and you will create some pages on your website such as About Waz, Contact Waz, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer. You will get approval in AdSense very soon

WordPress Automatic Plugin Affiliate Marketing

You can do applet marketing through WordPress Automatic Plugin. If you have an applet marketing account, such as Amazon AliExpress, you can do applet marketing through WordPress Automatic Snake by opening an affiliate account on an applet marketing website.

How to setup WordPress Automatic Plugin

You will login to your admin panel. You will see a setting for your website and plugin. Click on the plugin. Click on the Add Now plugin.

If you have a plugin in .zip format, you can upload, install or update it here.

Once installed, click on Activate, click on New Camping, start a new campaign

How To Download WordPress Plugin Free Prime Version

Download WordPress Plugin File via Google Drive Download



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