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Ways to make money from blogger websites. Complete guide line with Blogger.


What is a blogger?

Blogger is an open platform. Pyra Labs created Blogger but did not buy Google Blogger in 2003. Blogger is currently under Google. A website can be easily created with Blogger.

It is possible to create your own or commercial website with Blogger. You don’t have to pay any hosting or domain costs to create a website with Blogger.

Even bloggers have many free themes that can be used to create a beautiful website.

How do I create a website on Blogger?

You need to have a Gmail account to create a website on Blogger. You can easily create a Gmail from gmail.com.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the age given in Gmail must be above 18 years. Once Gmail is created, you can create a website by following the steps below.

  1. First go to blogger.com.
  2. Click on Create a free blog.
  3. Sign up with your Gmail account.
  4. Then name the blog.
  5. Give the title of the blog.
  6. Enter the domain name.

Your website was created very easily. But you don’t have to create a website. Need to post regularly. Many people create websites to earn income.

Now how is the income from a website? Let’s take a look.

How is the income from the blogger website?

Google AdSense:

Currently, the highest income online is from Google Adsense. Big companies use a platform called Google AdWords to promote their products.

However, Google AdWords has to allocate some money to promote their products. Now Google shows those ads on various websites, videos, etc.

Google pays the rest of the money to those who show those ads. Now you can earn income by showing Google ads on your website.

However, in order to earn income from Google Adsense, you need to have some qualifications for your website. Let’s see what qualifications are required. First you need to have 20-25 high quality content on your website.

Google currently focuses more on content. Then you need to have a privacy policy, means of communication, etc. on your website. And you need to bring visitors to your website from Google.

However, the content must be of high quality and cannot be copied at all, meaning it must be completely unique.

Here are some more ways to earn money from Blogger website:

In addition to Google Adsense, there are many other ways to earn money from websites. You can easily earn money through affiliate marketing through the website.

Moreover, if you have a good amount of visitors to the website, you will be able to earn a good amount of money with sponsors. If you do not get Google AdSense approval, then you can use them in different advertising networks.

Moreover, it is very easy to earn income from a website through shortlinks, safelinks, referrals etc.

If you want to make income, you have to have visitors on the website. How to get visitors now? If you want to get more visitors, you must do website SEO. Now let’s see how to do SEO on Blogger website.

Blogger SEO

Topic selection:

Now it is up to you to decide what to write on the blog. Suppose you post about technology then the topic of your blog will be technology. What will be the topic of the blog will depend on you.

But you have to choose a subject that is popular. However, you can also post on many topics at once. Such a blog is called a multinational blog.

However, the visitors of your blog will depend on the selection of topics. So think and choose a perfect subject. Below are some popular topics of Bangla blog.

  1. News: You can open a news site if you can write a good report. Many people search for news on Google and these sites are very popular. News sites are usually the most beautiful way to create a blogger.
  2. Technology: Nowadays technology blog is very popular and its popularity is increasing day by day. If you can write well about technology, you can open a technology website. But the content has to be unique and better because there are a lot of technology related websites and if you want to keep up with them, you have to make the content better.
  3. Cooking

If you can cook well then you can open a blog on this topic. Many housewives now do Google cooking keyword search. Currently there are few cooking websites so you can bring your website to the rankings quickly.

  1. Reviews

When we buy something, most of the time we look at the reviews of that thing from Google. Especially in the case of mobile. If you can do a good review of something then you can open a review channel.

  1. Online Income: Many of us want to make income online. Most of the time I search on Google for online income. Now if you have a good knowledge about online income then you can open an online website.

Keyword research

A keyword is a word or more than one phrase. Suppose someone does a Google search on how to open a YouTube channel. So here’s his main keyword YouTube channel.

Now you need to post with keywords that are popular and have less competition. Nowadays it has become very difficult to find such keywords.

However, you can post by choosing the keyword in which there is more competition, but you have to be more unique and effective than the posts of others. There are different types of keyword research tools but most of them are paid.

However, with Google’s Keyword Planner, you can do keyword research for free.

Website design



But your website is not just about visitors. All you need is an organic visitor. Visitors who visit your website at least once a day are called organic visitors.

Now if the design of the site is very bad then no one will want to read your content. The design of the website is a lot like a cover.

If the cover of a product is good then people will pay more attention to that product and the sales will be much better.

So make the website as beautiful as possible. If you can’t do it yourself, you can get it designed by a good web designer.


No matter how much you do keyword research, you will never get visitors if the content is not good. Google is currently focusing on content. So if you want to bring the website to the first page, the content must be good.

The better and unique content you write, the more visitors you will get. If you search something on Google, if you see the first search result, you will see that their content is very large and unique.

Since Google is giving more importance to content, it is not difficult to rank a new website on the first page. So write as good content as possible.


Backlinks are one of the ranking factors in Google. Adding a link to a new website with a popular website is called backlink.

Thus many visitors are available. Where to get backlinks now? The best way to get backlinks is to post on forums. Various types of websites where guest posting can be done by signing up.

Prothom Alo is an example. Prothom Alo website is on the first page of Google so you can get backlinks by posting there.

Moreover, you can link your site with different types of social media. Backlinks are an effective tool for new websites.

Through comments

This is a particularly effective medium. Suppose someone made a post. Now the person who is reading that post did not understand some part of the post so he asked a question in the comment.

Now you have written below with perfect answer to his question. To know more, visit my website and give me the link of your website.

Now he will be curious to see your perfect answer and will visit your website. If your website has good content then it will visit every day which means you have got an organic visitor.

Again, if someone else sees that answer, they will also visit, which means you got a fair number of visitors. Thus many visitors are available.

If you follow these steps, you will easily get a good number of visitors to the website.

Our last word

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Secondly your content has to be the best. Although many people give up a little, it will work.

Sometimes it takes more than a year to earn income from Blogger. All in all, we have to work with patience and devotion.

Hopefully I have been able to give you a good idea about Blogger. If you like it, please share our website with your friends.

If you don’t understand anything, you can let us know in the comments. Hopefully I can help. So far today.

God is Hafiz.

The complete guideline to earn thousands of rupees per month by freelancing.


Currently freelancing is the most popular online income. A freelance career can only be started if you are experienced in a subject online. Moreover, it has many benefits. Today we will discuss the answers to all the questions about freelancing and freelancing guidelines.



What is freelancing?

Let’s take an example to understand the subject of freelancing. Suppose an American man opens an e-commerce website. Now if he goes to open a website with the web developers there, it will definitely cost more money. Now the question may be why it takes more money? Since America is a rich country so the standard of living there is improved. In other words, the salary of the employees there is much higher.


Now if that person hires employees from our country or other countries where the standard of living is less improved then less money will be required. Since our standard of living is not so good. Now the person who is taking services from other countries is outsourcing and the person who is giving services from other countries is freelancing. Hopefully the issue of freelancing has been cleared.


Who are the clients?

Those who hire freelancers are called clients. The e-commerce website from the previous example is the client that the employee is hiring to open.


Who are the freelancers?

A client is a freelancer. The example I saw a while ago is that the freelancer is providing the service there.


What is a marketplace?

The medium that connects clients and freelancers is called the marketplace. In other words, the marketplace is a medium where a freelancer can get a job and a client can get a job.



How do marketplaces connect?

This is a chain process. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how marketplaces connect between a customer and a freelancer.

  • 1. First a customer leaves his work in the marketplace.
  • 2. Then different types of freelancers who can do the job bid, that is, apply for the job.
  • 3. A buyer hires a freelancer by looking at the profiles of those who have applied for the job.
  • 4. Then the value of the freelancer’s work is deposited in the marketplace.
  • 5. After the work is done, the marketplace pays the commission and the rest to the freelancer.
  • This is how marketplaces usually work.


How to start freelancing?

The first step in starting freelancing is patience and willingness to work. Many people say that freelancing is possible with mobile. Yes, it is possible with mobile but there are some heavy tasks which cannot be done with mobile. For example, someone has to create an app. Now it is never possible to create a good quality app with mobile. Again, in the case of graphics design, it is not possible to design beautifully with mobile.

There are no such features available in mobile so it is not possible to do freelancing with mobile in a good way. That means you need a good quality PC or laptop. However, I would suggest buying a PC while working from home. You will not get much performance on the laptop and the price of the laptop is much higher. Again with a laptop you can’t do heavy work.

The only advantage of a laptop is that you can take it to different places. On the other hand, if you buy a PC, the price will be much lower and heavy work can be done very easily. However, the PC can not take you everywhere.


If you look at it from another angle, you don’t have to go anywhere to do freelancing. That means buying a PC would be best. Now you need internet. Now no one will order you offline so internet connection is a must. However, using cellular internet will cost a lot more, so it is better to use WiFi (wireless fidelity). Now the most important thing is that you have to learn to work.


Now there is a lot of work in freelancing jobs. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can take a course by choosing which job you can easily do. There are currently many free and paid courses available online. You have to buy paid courses. This time the most important thing is to learn English. If you look at most freelancing jobs, you will see that those who have given jobs are from other countries, especially Europeans.


And the main language of the countries of Europe is English. Moreover, English is now an international language, that is, if you want to talk to people from countries other than European countries, you need to teach English. There are currently many courses available online to learn English. I will suggest two courses of Robi Ten Minute School.

  1. English Grammar Crush Course.
  2. English Spoken Course by Munjirin Sahid.

You can complete the first of these two courses first. Because in the first course, from the basic English to the advanced course has been done. And you can complete the second course to learn to speak English.


However, you do not need to practice the course. If you are thinking of starting freelancing, first complete these tasks.



Why become a freelancer?

Currently, freelancers are more expensive than employed people and their income is much higher. Moreover, a freelancer gets a lot more opportunities than an employed person.


Now one

What are the benefits of John Freelancer? At first, an employed person may not be able to do what he wants, but a freelancer can do what he wants. Again in case of a job you will get paid at the end of the month but a freelancer gets paid within a few days or a few hours when he finishes the job.


Again, you can’t give time to your family for work which causes family problems but you can give a lot of time to your family for freelancing. There are also many more benefits. Another question that comes to mind is that if freelancing has such an advantage then why not everyone do freelancing? See, although freelancing has many benefits, but it also requires a lot of work.


If you can’t do a freelancing job in a good way, you can’t last a day. That means freelancing is not for everyone. This requires a certain amount of experience in freelancing. So not everyone can be a freelancer.



What do you do?

There is a lot of work in the world of freelancing right now. If you search for freelancing jobs on Google, you will see a long list. From there you have to choose a job and learn and after learning you have to start working. However, not all works are popular. There are some jobs that you will get very little. So choose a popular job. Again, there are difficulties in more popular jobs. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I’ve made a list of some popular jobs. Let’s take a look.


1. Web development

It is one of the most popular freelancing jobs. Nowadays many companies, big or small, need a website. Freelancers are mostly experienced so they look for many experienced freelancers. Currently the cost of a skilled web developer is much higher. Now to be a web developer you need to have a lot of ideas about coding. Currently there are different types of web development courses from where you can learn web development.



2. Graphics design

Graphics design is another popular freelancing job. Graphics design includes logo design, business card, banner design, advertising banner, book cover making etc. Many companies now need these things. So they look for experienced freelancers. Now if you want to be a graphic designer then you have to be creative. Because there is no difference between a graphic designer and an artist. Robi Ten Minute School has two courses on graphic design and you can complete those courses.



3. Digital marketing

There are a lot of prices in the world of digital marketer freelancing nowadays. Digital marketing includes social marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), community based marketing, etc. Of these, SEO is the most popular. Moreover, social marketing is also very popular. Digital marketing is very easy to learn. If you have business knowledge then you can easily become a digital marketer. There are currently plenty of digital marketing courses available. Read one of them completely.



5. Video editing

Currently, the value of video editor is much higher. There is a lot of video editing work, especially in the case of freelancing. Many people now need video editors for their websites, channels, pages, and so on. Even in video editing, much will depend on your creativity, but you can hone your skills by completing some courses.

These were the five most popular freelancing jobs. There are also many more jobs, but these are the most popular. You can learn to work in any one of these and start working by learning to work.



How to make income by freelancing?

Now that the job is learned you need a medium where you will find customers. Such mediums are called marketplaces. I have discussed the marketplace a little earlier. There are currently plenty of marketplaces. Let us know about three popular marketplaces.


1. Upwork

Upwork is currently the most popular freelancing marketplace. There are currently more than 400 categories of freelancing jobs. Now the question is how will it work? If you want to get a job here, you have to bid, that is, you have to apply. One guy posted a job upwork where lots of people bid. This time I saw a perfect man who posted the job and gave him the job. Then the value of that work goes to Upwork as soon as it is given. After finishing the work, Upwork left some commission and gave the rest of the money to the person who did the work. This is how income is earned from upwork. One question most people want to know here is if I can’t find the money after giving the customer a job and if I can’t find it? Yes, in this case, if the customer does not reply within seven days, then the money will be automatically added to your account. This is how to work from upwork.


2. Fiber

Fiber is the most popular medium for freelancing work. Fiber currently has 3.42 million active customers. Here you will find different types of small and big jobs. Fiber does not have much time consuming work. Usually কাজ 5 work is more here. However, the system of getting work here is a little different. A customer does not post a job here. Here a freelancer reveals his gig. What is a gig now? Gig is what a freelancer can do,


Information about how much money will have to be paid for his work. This time a customer sees that gig and finds a freelancer and hires him. Fiber’s payment system is similar to Upwork.



3. Freelancer.com

It is also a popular marketplace. There are currently 31 million users. You can choose from over 1800 jobs here. However, there is not much income here. Again not too popular. Here too the type of work is like upwork. You will get the payment in the same way. Upwork and Fiber have a little more experienced freelancers so here you can start working early. One aspect of it that I don’t like is that I don’t give bid free here, that is, I have to buy and work.


These three are the most popular freelancing marketplaces. You can start working on any one of them. The most needed part of every marketplace is its own freelancing profile. Now I will discuss that with you.



What should a freelancer profile look like?

Your marketplace profile plays the most important role in getting a freelancing job. The person who will give you the job will first look at your profile and understand what you are good at. Profiles play a major role, especially in the fiber marketplace, as direct freelancers are hired. Therefore your marketplace profile is very important. Let’s take a look at what a profile should contain.


1. Title

It depends on the title. This means that you have to write the title in such a way that your client understands what you can do well in one sentence. Therefore your marketplace profile is very important.



2. Description

You can write more details in the description as the title will give you some idea about your work. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.



3. Educational Qualifications

This is not important, but if the educational qualifications are in your profile, the client will know more about you. Moreover, its effect will increase your chances of getting a job.



4. Video description

Currently it is in the profiles of many marketplaces. You can explain more details about your work to the client through a short video. As a result, the client will be aware of your attitude, skill, desire to work. However, video description has become very important now because it gives you some idea of ​​your work.



5. Portfolio

A portfolio is a page that contains your complete biodata. This means that a client in the portfolio will know everything about you. Currently portfolios can be created separately in the marketplaces. Plus you can create your own portfolio website.


With these in mind you need to create a beautiful marketplace profile. Profiles play the biggest role in getting your work done. The better your profile, the better your chances of getting a job. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to the profile.


Where to learn freelancing?

Currently, freelancing training centers have been set up in many places. Admitted there can learn to work on a specific subject. However, there are some centers where work is not taught and then there is a chance to cheat again. You can do great freelancing courses online from some reputable training centers. Since freelancing is not a boy’s game, you don’t have to know the basics. You need to be an expert in a particular subject.



Cheating on freelancing

Nowadays, many people are deceived while learning freelancing. Especially in the case of online courses, the chances of such deception increase a lot. There are many dishonest people who do not take money from the people in the name of the course and do not teach the job later. Another serious mistake is made by many. Currently, spam work is taught in the name of teaching freelancing work. Especially those who are brand new, after such deception.


In the case of newcomers, many people think that it is very easy to earn money online if you want. In fact, there is no difference between online and real world. What does spam do now? There are many types of spam freelancing work. Suppose they tell you the name of an app or website where I pay if you click on the ad. Now after depositing a certain amount of money you can withdraw that money.


But later he saw that even after depositing the money, you can no longer withdraw the money, which means that the hard work here has gone to waste. Again, it may be the app or website of the company where you are learning freelancing. It is understood that only they will benefit in this case. In other words, such deception can never be read. The only way to get rid of it is to join a popular and long-serving company.


Nowadays you can learn everything by taking a good quality course at low cost in places like Ten Minute School, Bahubrihi, e-learning etc.



Our last word

Freelancing is a free profession. You can work here as you wish. You can build your freelancing career only if you can do one of the jobs in the online freelancing category. At present, a lot of young people in Bangladesh have made their career by freelancing. Especially for those who have a good knowledge of online but they are unemployed, freelancing can eliminate unemployment. Again, the country with itself


It is also very good because you are bringing money from other countries to your own country.


So far today. Every day we come up with some important content on our website. So stay with us every day.


Thanks everyone.

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