Best Magnetic Phone Mounts: Choose The One That Works For You

Magnetic Phone Mounts
Magnetic Phone Mounts

Best Magnetic Phone Mounts: Choose The One That Works For You

Mounts Magnetic Phone Car Holders · Scosche Magic Mount Magnetic Dash/Window Mount for Mobile Devices · Scosche Magic Mount Magnetic Power Socket Mount & USB Charging

Magnetic Phone Mounts: The Basics

Here are a few things you should know before you get started.

The basic approach is to measure the distance between the two opposing magnets on the opposite sides of the phone (Figure A).

Figure A

Next, place the phone into the holder as close as possible (about 3 inches for Apple, and about 2 inches for Android).

Give the mount a gentle tap, and then watch the magnet on the base of the mount move toward the opposite side of the phone. This has been known to work, but it isn’t the easiest task.

Using an app like Freegal Magnetic (Figure B), we can see just how close the mount and phone are to locking in.

Figure B

The app gives you the ability to make the magnetic contact as hard or soft as you would like. You can even get it so the phone doesn’t move at all.

Magnetic Car Mounts for Your Phone

When you’re on the move, your phone is already strapped to you with a multitude of cables and even though your car mount is holding it safe, chances are you’re still picking up the phone every five minutes to check the time or to see if you missed a call.

If that’s how you use your phone on a regular basis, then you need to get a magnetic phone mount that doesn’t only hold your phone but also has a cut out for your car’s dash or your phone’s USB port.

The magnetic phone mounts listed here are great if you’re looking for an easy way to mount your phone but you still want to use the old charging cable for your phone’s USB port. This lets you use your existing car charger when you don’t need to turn your phone into a dashboard that you’re just going to kill.

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Magnetic Dash/Window Mount

Magnetic Power Socket Mount

Scosche’s magnetic power socket mount may be the one you prefer if you are constantly moving around and need to transfer power and data from one socket to another. The mount has flexible rubber cups to create a strong bond for a tight fit, and it has the same style and simplicity as the Scosche Magic Dash/Window mount (if you’re unfamiliar with those, read about them here).

However, in contrast to the phone mount, the power socket mount includes two micro-USB outlets (one is for a PC or other gadget to charge your phone and another for USB-C charger) for you to use. The Scosche power socket mount is also compatible with Apple’s Lightning cable, but there is no way to charge an iPhone with it.

Included with the power socket mount is a keychain-style connector that can be removed.

Screw-In Magnetic Screw-In Power Socket

The Perfect Phone Mount For The Parking Lot

Phone Strap Mount

This phone holder can be used for car, bike and motorcycle helmets. In addition, it can also be used for most any car, motorcycle or boat’s seat belt. It is easy to use and quickly attach or remove. Use the enclosed cell phone case with phone for safe and secure hold.

Magnet Powered Phone Strap

Mounts On Car, Bike, Helmet, Car Seat Belt & Horse Seat

These Scosche smartphone mounts are ideal for use in both motor vehicles and bikes. They are super-strong and sturdy; you’ll easily be able to attach them to most any type of vehicle. Whether you’re on a road trip, road racing or just driving to work, you’ll be safe and comfortable with this car mount.


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