Write For US – Technology Blog Submit Guest Posting

Write For US - Technology Blog Submit Guest Posting

Nevermax doesn’t work in a vacuum. We thrive off the story submissions of our readers. To submit a story, simply fill out the form below and be sure to include the URL of the site you are pointing us to. The system will take y

our submission and format it nicely for us to review, comment on, and possibly post. Please read the basic guidelines in the next paragraph before submitting if you are unsure of how this works. We receive a lot of submissions so not everyone will get posted. Thanks!

A big part of what Nevermax does is provide interesting and amusing links and commentary on longer articles about business and technology written elsewhere. If you just send in a little blurb saying we’re unlikely to post it (even if we agree with you!). Find an article about that site, and provide the link, and we’re more likely to find it post worthy.

Finally, we like to post Tech News that is recent. Submitting an article or a story from two months ago is unlikely to lead to a post. So, keep these things in mind, and we look forward to your submissions.

If you are interested in writing a full length feature article, Technology Tips and tricks Review, or have some other idea about the site, please use our contact form, as that will email us. People send comments as submissions all the time, and that makes it difficult for us to respond.

100% unique article Maximum 700 Word If there is any Plagiarism, the article will not be live in the post, in this case it will be canceled.

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