Crypto Advocates Call for Clarity Amid Climate Summit in UK

Crypto Advocates Call for Clarity Amid Climate Summit in UK
Crypto Advocates Call for Clarity Amid Climate Summit in UK

Crypto Advocates Call for Clarity Amid Climate Summit in UK

The rise of ESG investing, where investors take account of a company or asset’s environmental, social and corporate governance credentials

crypto advocates call for clarity amid climate summit uk

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Section 1: What are the main problems with ESG investing?

ESG encompasses environmental and social issues as well as good governance. Responsible investors use a range of tools to assess risk – and to potentially invest or divest from companies or assets with poor environmental or social credentials. Investors can reject firms that fail their own corporate governance and environmental standards, and they can also avoid certain industries, such as certain types of mining, oil or gas.

The way ESG information is collected and reported varies significantly, and can be a challenge for investors trying to manage risk. There are reports out there that show that the percentage of companies with low or no ESG scores is quite low; but when you dig into them you find that some of them aren’t so bad.

What are the benefits of being an investor?

Investors who look at environmental, social and corporate governance factors are satisfied with their returns

ESG investing pays off for investors in all market conditions, and when ESG goes well, it’s great

ESG investing may be the key to unlocking big performance. Studies show that companies with high ESG scores perform strongly in good and bad market conditions

Only a quarter of investors see themselves as responsible investors, but with increasing access to information and increasing motivation to act, they may choose ESG over investment strategies that take no account of environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

How do these cryptocurrencies work?

How do they work? We show you what each one represents and what each one’s current market value is

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Why are cryptocurrencies important for ESG investing?

Sustainability and the new movement towards responsible investing is still at the forefront of many investors’ minds. Now, increasingly investors are looking beyond traditional ESG investment metrics like a company’s profit, turnover, capital spending, cash flow and debt to also consider other factors that are good for the environment, including the environment where the company operates, where the workers work and where the products are produced.

There’s a good reason for this, and it lies in the power of markets. The more investors invest in what they believe to be good companies, the more of these companies are likely to grow, thrive and offer attractive returns.

crypto and climate

(PRUnderground) June 25th, 2018

Global Green Summit (GSS), the only international eco investment conference, is back, taking place at London’s Hilton Westminister from July 3rd – 5th 2018. GSS 2018 will focus on the role of green finance in tackling climate change and improving the global financial system, as well as emerging opportunities for fintechs to support capital efficiency, access and inclusion.

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The climate change summit is on Wednesday, July 4th. The day will feature a range of exciting guest speakers, including: Juliette Labelle, Senior Investment Officer, AXA; CEO of BNP Paribas, Baudouin Prot; and Thomas Lane, the UK Director of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

crypto climate accord medium

“The CMA should consider whether or not it would be appropriate for a crypto asset, such as a bitcoin, to be included in a corporate governance requirement,” said Iain Perkins, head of sustainable finance at Standard Life Investments. “Such a move could be seen to be reinforcing public concerns about privacy and privacy breaches, and could hinder the growth of crypto assets.”

Paul Barman, a partner at the law firm DWF, argued that a public code should be set out.

“A public code for crypto assets and other new assets, in the same way that a code for ‘ordinary’ assets is to be found, should be prepared and put into place as soon as possible,” he said.

green bitcoin

bitcoin environmental impact 2022

Bitcoin Environmental Impact 2022

Three financial tech companies involved in tokenized securities and cryptocurrencies have released a proposal calling for greater clarity in how the industry is regulated.

The draft report, issued Wednesday by a group of crypto experts called “Level Playing Field,” requests that U.K. regulators respond by July 16 to a series of questions. The recommendations call for greater transparency in governance, disclosure of risks and the need for a consistent approach across jurisdictions.

While the release of the report precedes the onset of two major global events — the Group of Seven summit in Quebec and the U.N. climate summit in Poland — where European institutions are expected to debate cryptocurrencies and climate change.

crypto climate accord members

Among the participants at the inaugural Blockchain Governance Forum on July 9, hosted by Autonomous NEXT, which is part of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, was a leading group of cryptocurrency investors. This group argued that financial firms need to embrace blockchain technology if they are to take advantage of the major opportunities presented by crypto.

NEXT, a fintech group, hosted the blockchain and crypto capital markets group, which includes blockchain-focused investment firms Blockchain Capital and Polychain Capital.

The forum’s moderator, Marc Bodnick, global head of blockchain solutions at IBM Blockchain, said: “The World Climate Summit is taking place on the very same day as the highly anticipated climate summit, and many will be looking for evidence of positive action.

crypto climate accord ripple

​​Global push for the Paris Agreement on climate change

Study concludes crypto investors could double their wealth to over $US32 trillion by 2050

Thoughts on how blockchain could influence the climate

Crypto CrowdSourced Energy Proposal Implemented

The many ways that blockchains could help mitigate climate change

Aging of Power Grid Threatens Global Economy

4-year-old foundation works to transform aging power grid

Growing disincentives for green energy

US set to become first country without solar jobs

Ethical implications of mining cryptocurrencies

Ripple : Growing Interest in More Than Paying Back Developers

Ripple XRP is now more valuable than all other cryptocurrencies combined.

bitcoin mining council

even organizations linked to rival digital currencies, like the Bitcoin Foundation

But the Crypto Global Economic and Financial System, an online community of more than 30,000 people who “work to foster economic growth through widespread use of cryptocurrencies” is skeptical.

“I don’t understand why our supply chain is not being assessed,” said Robert Gifford, a director at the group, in a phone interview. “Our track record in the past has not been particularly good with respect to environmental harm.”

Gifford, who has made recommendations to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, runs two seafood companies that he says he’s trying to make greener by recycling spent boilers at some facilities, among other measures.


Any short-term retail or institutional trader wanting to capture the climate change opportunity must read past pronouncements by Jim McDowell, and of the GWPF, and consider which research they actually rely on. Even if it’s all biased and made by vocal climate change deniers, the premise of looking at carbon intensity is sound.


The annual climate change conference held in October in Bonn, Germany is usually a lively occasion. At last year’s COP23, the world’s leading climate scientists, including James Hansen, the former head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, briefed their counterparts in governments and other interlocutors.


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